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Returning ‘Making Woolwich’

We are delighted to announce the return of 'Making Woolwich' to Woolwich Town Hall, celebrating the history of the Royal Regiment of Artillery and Woolwich.

Making Woolwich, previously housed in Greenwich Heritage Centre has been developed in collaboration with the people of Woolwich and the Royal Borough of Greenwich. RGHT has come to you to discover your stories and histories of the Royal Artillery and their many connections to Woolwich and the Royal Arsenal. This project is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund (HLF), the Royal Regiment of Artillery (RA), Royal Artillery Museums Ltd, Friends of the Royal Artillery Collections and the Royal Artillery Historical Trust.

Here, you can discover more about this exciting exhibition, which records 300 years of this borough's proud connection to this famous regiment.

What is happening?

To mark the 300th Anniversary of the formation of the Royal Regiment of Artillery in Woolwich, in 1716, and the enduring legacy of the connection between this famous regiment and the borough.

This exhibition celebrates the history of the regiment and the men and women who have been part of it, over its long history. Granted the Battle Honour "Ubique" or "Everywhere", truly the RA's history is a long and proud one. And, for almost all of its history, much of the Regiment and its Headquarters have been in Woolwich. This connection is preseved to this day by The King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery, a ceremonial unit which is now garrisoned within the area.



This exhibition explores the history of the RA, showcasing famous individuals, events and technological advances. It will shows some of the strong connections between the Regiment and the people of Woolwich. For hundreds of years, the development of the local area was inextricably-linked to the Regiment, so it will be fascinating to bring those connections out in this exhibiiton. We have delved into the connections between the Regiment and the Royal Arsenal and Royal Military Academy, showing how they supported each other in developing the technological and professional standards of the Armed Forces.



Have your say

Woolwich has a proud connection to the RA and British Army. Throughout the creation of the exhibition, people have been contributing their memories and stories of their links to Woolwich. Through this process, we have discussed many stories, of heroism, loss and a wide range of experiences, which are now on display in the exhibition.

Our supporters

RGHT is grateful to the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Royal Artillery Museums Ltd, Friends of the Royal Artillery Collections and Royal Artillery Historical Trust for their continuing support of this project.

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