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Museum Collections & Archive Team

Our passionate staff are dedicated to the Trust's charitable aims of learning, access and conservation

Isabel Benavides


Isabel has worked in the museum sector since 1994. She is passionate about bringing history to life through playful, fun and engaging programming - whether actor-led performance, practical art and craft or digital technology. Part of the Leadership Team, Isabel's focus is on heritage and interpretation for the Trust.

Mary Ross


Mary has worked with the Museum Collections & Archive since 2004. Her main role is to oversee the storage and care of the collections and to assist with exhibitions and projects using the collections. She enjoys working with the diverse range of objects in the collections including archaeology, social history, fine art, photographs and archives.

I love this fragment of a statue of a Roman Arm, found in Greenwich Park. It is thought that it probably represents Diana the goddess of hunting. It is 2/3 life size and made of oolite.

Nadia Randle


Nadia is responsible for documenting and caring for our collection of weird and wonderful objects. She joined the trust in 2016 after completing her PhD in Ancient Roman History, and has been working and volunteering in the museums sector since she was 14 years old.

My favourite object is this clay brick with a cuneiform inscription that dates to the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar II. The inscription is actually a mistake, reading back to front in places, as the worker who stamped the script onto it seems to have mixed up the bits of the metal stamp! It’s a simple, human mistake that we can all relate to, but it happened thousands of years ago.

Pauline Watson


Pauline has worked in the libraries and archives sector for 15 years and has a keen interest in social history. Pauline enjoys helping both the public and businesses with their research and enquiries. She specialises in family history research, and is currently in the process of cataloguing the Museum Collections & Archive to provide a useful resource for family and house history researchers.

One of my favourite items in the collection are the deeds relating to The Globe Tavern in Royal Hill, Greenwich. The deeds contain a wealth of information, charting the social history of the pub from the late 18th century until the late 19th century.