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Research & Development

We continually carry out research to support the future development and activity planning for historical assets in the care of the Trust, here is where you will find details of the current research you can help us with.

What does heritage mean to you?

Can you help us with some research into heritage and the historical environment, and what it means to you either as a resident or visitor to the Royal borough of Greenwich?

To help us simply click this link https://rght.typeform.com/to/o1MCdn

Charlton House Visitor Survey

Have you visited Charlton House & Gardens today? Would you mind sharing with us the reason for your visit, and where you were visiting from?

To help us simply click this link https://rght.typeform.com/to/VwpiMR

Feedback Questionnaire

Have you visited Charlton House & Gardens and you'd like to share some feedback on your visit?

To help us simply click this link https://rght.typeform.com/to/WRItTS