Honey Bee Day Wrap Up!

by Megan Cable

Honey Bee day saw families from all over the Borough enjoy a multitude of bee themed activities!

From bee face paint to making a hive, there was also a chance to go to our attic and look out at the bees from the viewing bay. This was incredibly popular, seeing people of ALL ages queuing to go and have a peek at our colonies.

The Bee Keepers gave a brilliant talk about bee keeping and honey production, with a sample of honey too. (Which could also be bought!)

The Horticultural society gave out advice on bee friendly plants, with a beautiful display in the study. Alongside them was Florica Fine Art  selling her fantastic bee themed art. (She’s coming back to Horn fair, with a whole multitude of animals!).

The tea rooms played host to a mass of bee-rilliant treats! From cupcakes, to Hive shaped cookies, honey bread and popcorn. With facts about Bee’s dotted all over the house!

You could also catch the bee movie playing in the Prince Henry room, to go nicely alongside your treats form the Tea Rooms.

Honey Bee Day was a fantastic day, with kids and adults alike taking part and learning all about the brilliant little insects.

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