‘Making Woolwich’, Displaying Woolwich

by Helen Moon

Hello from your Exhibition Project Officer,

It’s time for another quick blog update about how I’m progressing with ‘Making Woolwich – The Royal Regiment of Artillery in Woolwich, 1716-2016’. I’m currently waiting to hear back from design companies with their tenders for the design and production of our exhibition. I’m very excited to see what ideas that they are going to propose for our displays.

As well as this, the selection of objects for the exhibition has also been progressing apace. Here we’ve been very well supported by the Collections team from Royal Artillery Museums Ltd. and Brig. Ken Timbers, who’ve freely given their time and expertise. Even this early in the project, we have already had identified for us a range of fascinating, and mostly Woolwich-specific, objects, which will be the foundation of our exhibition. These include a World War I-era 18-Pounder Gun, a range of uniforms from 200 years ago to the present day, and some beautiful models of artillery pieces. And this is just the start!

An 18-Pounder artillery piece, the standard British and Empire field gun of World War I

I’m also delighted to say that the recruitment of volunteers has been a great success so far. We’ve already reached our initial target of 10 people signed up to support this project, including many new volunteers. But we’re not going to rest on our laurels! 10 was always just the starting point, and we’re still looking to bring more people into our team. So if you’re interested in being one of our research or event and evaluation volunteers, then click here to find out more about the roles and how you can join us.

Of course, recruiting this team is just the first step! Soon we’ll have to begin the actual work of researching and creating the exhibition content, talking to local people and recording their memories and opinions, and drumming up excitement for this project. Once we have the exhibition designers in place, the work will start in earnest!

So plenty is happening! I’ll be in touch very soon with another update.


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