‘Making Woolwich’: Marching on!

by Helen Moon

A warm hello from your Project Officer,

As you can see from the title of this blog (and I apologise for continuing the theme of military puns but, with a project like this, how could I not?) ‘Making Woolwich’ is continuing to make excellent progress. The exhibition is really starting to take shape now, as we get towards the end of the project.

The lists of objects and archive items that we will be displaying have been worked up, and include all sorts of items from the RGHT and RAML collections, ranging from a Bandmaster’s uniform and ceremonial mace, to a modern Rapier air-defence missile to a model of a ballistic testing rig, as used on the Royal Arsenal to test the Artillery’s latest weapons. It’s safe to say that there is a rich range of objects that is going to be out on display!

My fantastic project volunteers have been hard at work, gathering information and consulting with members of the public. I’m delighted to say that we’ve had more than 320 responses to it, with people sharing both their family’s stories (some of which we’ll be including in the exhibition) and guiding us as to the form that the exhibition could take. Thank you to everyone who has completed a form! Still interested in sharing your thoughts? Click here for the online form.

The volunteers have also been researching a wide range of different topics, discovering all sorts of information and images about the Royal Artillery and the life of the Regiment in Woolwich. They have found out such a fascinating range of detail, which we will soon be writing up to go into the exhibition’s displays. I'm pleased to say that the progress is going rather more smoothly for us than for the Gentlemen Cadets of the Royal Military Academy, whose picture we've found and is below!

The writing of exhibition content is one of the most-challenging, but also most-exciting part of any exhibition project. Trying to craft text which is interesting and understandable, but also of the right amount so that people don’t lose interest in it or get “museum fatigue” is surprisingly demanding! Sometimes you get it right first time, sometimes it takes numerous drafts. I wonder how the process for this project will go…?

Hopefully, by the time of my next blog update, I’ll be in a position to let you know! We’re reaching the real business end of the project now. Plans are being firmed up and the plan is that we will complete ‘Making Woolwich’ in November and open it to the public in early December. It’s very exciting!

Keep on checking back here for further updates, as we keep on ‘Making Woolwich’!


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