The people who are ‘Making Woolwich’ a reality

by Helen Moon

I've just got time for a quick update about our 'Making Woolwich' exhibition project, which will see the creation of a brand-new, Hertiage Lottery Fund-supported gallery at Greenwich Heritage Centre, dedicated to the history of the Royal Artillery in Woolwich. As you'd expect, it's all-go here, as we look to get this exciting new exhibition open before the year is out, and I'm working hard to make sure it happens. We've got some excellent news regarding our exhibition designers, which I'll write more about soon, but I wanted to take this opportunity to extend a big thank you a vitally-important group of people: our volunteers.

Large museum and heritage projects like this simply would not happen without the time, dedication, skills and expertise of a group of volunteers. And I am delighted to say that a fantastic team of people have come forward to support 'Making Woolwich'. People have come from a wide range of backgrounds and have had a whole series of different motivations for joining this project, but one thing is uniting them all, a real passion for and dedication to this exhibition and all of the different parts of it.

Currently we've got a couple of teams of people working away to support this project. There's a dedicated team of researchers, delving into discovering the facts and stories of the RA and its connections to Woolwich. And there's a group who are getting out there at public events, meeting with local people. They're spreading the word about the exhibition, getting people enthused and finding out their thoughts on the exhibition and stories about the RA. Over three events, we've met with and recorded the thoughts of more than 150 people. Which is fantastic! Below are a couple of photos from our most recent event, at the Community Day on Saturday 23 August at Charlton House. Pictured are that day's team of Helen, Frederick, Jill and Shahana, plus our little 'Making Woolwich' project stall! If you want to come and meet some of our lovely volunteers and find out more about our events, have a look at our project page


A huge thank you to everyone who has joined our team, and is giving me such support in making 'Making Woolwich' into a reality. I genuinely couldn't be doing what I'm doing without you!

Check back here again soon for more updates. Exciting times are continuing!


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