Ottoman Ceramics Workshop with Fiona Veacock

6 July, 2023
18.00 - 20.00
Charlton House & Gardens, Charlton Road,
 London SE7 8RE
£50 pp
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As in England, tiles were very popular in the Ottoman Empire. Particularly prevalent, alongside the Dutch delftware tiles more recognisable in the U.K., were Iznik tiles. Remarkably intricate with geometric shapes and watercolour styles, these tiles originated in Anatolia.

In this two-hour workshop, you’ll explore the traditional Ottoman colour palette, patterns, techniques, and art on clay with local potter Fiona Veacock. Once your art is complete, Fiona will fire your tiles herself, for pickup at Charlton House at a later date.

Part of Ottoman Journeys: Life and Afterlife in Greenwich, a new exhibition now open at Charlton House & Gardens.

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