Ottoman Geometric Art Workshop with Nelufa Chowdhury and Sofi Baig

7 August, 2023
18.00 - 20.00
Charlton House & Gardens, Charlton Road,
 London SE7 8RE
£25 pp including hot drink & cake
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In a culture that avoids figurative images, geometric shapes take centre stage. From simple stars in the ninth century to intricate patterns from the sixteenth century onwards, these remarkable shapes have come to define Islamic and Ottoman art.

Join artist Nelufa Chowdhury and the Al-Emaan Centre’s Sofi Baig for a taster session on Islamic geometry. You’ll discover the history of these patterns, and then Nelufa will guide you through the precise art of making your own – right down to a ruler and compass!

£25 includes a hot drink and cake.

Part of Ottoman Journeys: Life and Afterlife in Greenwich, a new exhibition now open at Charlton House & Gardens.

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