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The fantastic learning resources on offer from the Museum Collections & Archive team at Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust

Living in Greenwich: Tales Through Time

As we curated Living in Greenwich: Tales Through Time in late 2020, we chose some of the most interesting objects from our collection to explore the lives of people who were here before us.

We can learn from both the ordinary and extraordinary things left behind by history. In an unusual time, what we collect now will help us tell people in the future about the pandemic.

Share your stories with us!

Click here to explore the exhibition.

Create your own Greenwich museum

What things would you display in a Museum of Greenwich? What would you love to see?

Please colour, doodle, and draw to fill our exhibition spaces with all the objects and awesome things that you would want to visit.

Share with us on social media @greenwichheritage and tag #MeettheCollection

Download MyGreenwichMuseum.pdf

Charlton House tiles colouring sheet

Colour in the beautiful tiles at Charlton House with this colouring sheet!

Share your creations with us on social media, @greenwichheritage #MeetTheCollection

Download ColouringTiles_CH.jpg

Bird spotting activity

Take a look outside your window, or when you go for a short walk, have a look out for some local birds!

Have a go at drawing them and share your drawings with us @greenwichheritage #MeetTheCollection

Download Bird_Spotting.pdf

Pangolin colouring activity

Pangolins, scaly mammals similar in most ways to anteaters, are native to Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. One can be found in Royal Greenwich's natural history collection, and our former collections manager Nadia created a colouring sheet inspired by it.

Have a go and share your colour choices @greenwichheritage #MeetTheCollection

Download PangolinColouringSheet.jpg

Identifying trees

Have a look for these native trees around your neighbourhood when you take a short walk.

Share your photos of the trees and plants that you encounter with us @greenwichheritage #MeetTheCollection

Download Tree_identifying_activity.pdf

Kaleidoscope activity

Using our step-by-step instructions sheet, create your own kaleidoscope out of things you can find around the home!

Share your creations with us @greenwichheritage #MeetTheCollection

Download Instructions_Sheet.pdf