Charlton House & Gardens to reduce hours through the 2022-23 winter months

22 November 2022
Press Release

Greenwich Heritage to carry out much-needed conservation works and investigate more efficient heating solutions for future winters

CHARLTON, ROYAL GREENWICH – After a successful re-opening through the warmer months of 2022, Charlton House & Gardens will operate on reduced hours until spring 2023. Initially a response to climbing costs in the United Kingdom, this decision allows the House to undertake key improvements to offer the community the best possible service from April.

“In what are challenging times for homes of all sizes across the country, it was difficult but absolutely essential to decide to vary our House’s hours this winter,” says Tracy Stringfellow, chief executive of Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust (Greenwich Heritage), referring to a projected bill increase at Charlton House that would amount to more than six times the previous winter’s.

“I am so proud of how quickly our team has come together to ensure that this time is not wasted. It’ll be an immense pleasure to be able to welcome visitors back in the spring to enjoy the improvements we make throughout the winter.”

Following a suite of festive programming, ending with “Christmas with the Royal Greenwich Brass Band” on 16 December, Charlton House will offer limited access to community groups, churches, and booked events. During the winter season, the House’s historic rooms will be closed to the public. Charlton’s public library and Toy Library will remain open with full services.

Charlton House’s walled gardens will also be open as usual from 10am to 4pm throughout this period.

Greenwich Heritage is now in the process of scheduling key capital works in the House throughout the winter. These will include refurbishing the Old Library, a key space dating back to the 19th century that is used for weddings and large events, and, in recent years, as an NHS vaccination centre. The works, planned for January and February 2023, will enable Greenwich Heritage to enhance services in this impressive room.

Charlton House’s heating system will also be assessed during this time. The House is currently heated by an electric system, installed in the 1980s, which is no longer effective for such a large building, nor is it economically or environmentally efficient. Expensive to begin with, it is increasingly so in this climate of rising costs. A full assessment of Charlton House’s heating system, and its eventual replacement, is essential to provide a better experience for visitors and hirers in the coming years.

Charlton and Blackheath locals can expect to see Charlton House & Gardens fully open as of Saturday 1st April 2023. Greenwich Heritage’s team is already planning a weekend of activities for the occasion, once again welcoming the community back to this historic manor home.

Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust is a registered charity, formed in 2014 to look after key structures, objects, and historic records within the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Assets in the Trust’s care include Charlton House & Gardens, Charlton Assembly Rooms, Tudor Barn, and the Museum Collections & Archive of the Royal Greenwich, as well as memorials across the Borough. Its aim is to ensure the future of the Royal Greenwich’s rich heritage whilst bringing that heritage to life for everyone, through exhibitions, tours, walks and activities.

Charlton House is a Grade 1 listed Jacobean manor house situated in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, London. Built between 1607 and 1612 for Sir Adam Newton, tutor to James I’s eldest son, Henry, Prince of Wales, the House has a rich and colourful history and is now in the proud care of the Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust.