Essential tree works to resume at Charlton House & Gardens this week

13 June 2022

Four dead trees will be felled or “monolithed” on 17th June as part of Greenwich Heritage’s ongoing care of the Greenwich estate; conclusion of annual tree works planned in 2021

CHARLTON, ROYAL GREENWICH – Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust will work with Royal Borough of Greenwich inspectors and Amber Tree Care tree surgeons later this month to complete planned tree conservation works at Charlton House & Gardens.

Charlton residents can expect to see two dead trees felled in the wider estate, and two further dead trees in the House’s Old Pond Garden “monolithed.” The latter is a process where, for safety purposes, a dead tree is reduced to its main stem, allowing its trunk to remain as a home to wildlife.

A living fifth tree – an ash also in the Old Pond Garden – will have its crown reduced to remove dead limbs.

The works are the conclusion of a larger set of tree works that previously took place at the estate in January 2022. They were planned in 2021 following an annual inspection survey by tree experts, and are in direct response to tree death and decay – largely the result of older trees struggling to adapt to our changing climate. These works are essential for the safety of community members, nearby buildings and infrastructure, and local wildlife.

Greenwich Heritage’s next annual tree survey with the Royal Borough of Greenwich will take place later this summer, with tree surgeon works likely to be scheduled in winter 2022-23. Greenwich Heritage has committed to planting at least one new tree for every tree lost in these works.

Any questions about this work can be directed to Greenwich Heritage at