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Essential Tree Works scheduled at Charlton House

Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust Facilities and Conservation team are currently in talks with tree inspectors at the Royal borough of Greenwich regarding essential tree works which will need to be carried out at Charlton House & Gardens in August 2019.

Following a thorough risk assessment carried out by the Royal Borough of Greenwich, a number of trees have been identified by the tree inspectors as high risk, with instructions given to carry out felling works as soon as possible.

These works, scheduled for the 26th August, relate to a total of twelve trees around the Charlton House estate, and have been deemed necessary to go ahead due to a number of conditions; rot, bark wound, decay, fungal disease, with 5 trees having unfortunately already died.

As a matter of health and safety these twelve trees must sadly be felled so as not to pose a threat of injury from falling branches or dead wood to the general public.

Tracy Stringfellow, Trust CEO said “This is part of our active management of the Charlton House estate in partnership with the Royal borough of Greenwich. We welcome the opportunity this provides to improve the gardens for the local community.”

The trust will be planning a programme of replanting as part of their wider garden development plans, with a commitment to replace at least one tree for every tree lost. More details of which will follow over the coming months.

Anyone with any questions related to these works can email for more information.


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