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Moon Festival lands in London on the 19th - 26th July

Moon Festival, a week-long cultural extravaganza, makes its debut in the Royal borough of Greenwich this July with an out-of-this-world programme celebrating our relationship with the Moon.

The festival, hosted in partnership with the borough, will showcase an eclectic programme of art, music, politics, astronomy and gastronomy – all seen through a lunar lens. Among the Moon-mad personalities appearing are: The Handmaid’s Tale author Margaret Atwood; space scientist, The Sky at Night presenter and self-confessed lunatic Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock; and London’s Night Czar Amy Lamé.

Moon Festival creator Livia Filotico says she was inspired to produce the event after a vision of Londoners partying in the moonlight. “We come from different cultures, we have different ideals, different politics, but we all know what it feels like to raise our heads and look at a full Moon. The Moon allows us to use the Mayor’s words "remember that in London we don’t simply tolerate each other’s differences, we celebrate them.”

Events being held in honour of this celestial sphere include:

19th – 21st July: Opening night and weekend 

The first night will consist of a Street Party (free entry until 10:30pm) and lunar market with Moon-themed music, street art, astronomy, spoken word and food – plus a once-in-a-lifetime art spectacle! Then the Midnight Moon Run (or walk) is a bespoke theatrical all-night tour of Woolwich. Don’t miss the Moon Cocktails Masterclass, where you can learn how to make Moon-inspired cocktails from Woolwich’s most glamorous mixologist, and Maverick Women and the Moon, a fascinating talk headlined by Margaret Atwood.

23rd – 25th July

Posh Club Late is a special night-time edition of the legendary cult cabaret for elegant elders, presented by Duckie and hosted by Amy Lamé (for over-60s – dress code Posh). Everyone’s welcome at Witches Worshipping the Moon for spellbinding memories and Wiccan history from practising witch and founder of the famed Treadwells Bookshop Christina Oakley Harrington. Or check out Politics and the Moon, a special debate in honour of the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing: what legal, ethical, political rights do we have over the Moon? 

26th July: Closing parties

The festival draws to a close with a closing party underneath the Cutty Sark with live-music, projection mapping and an astronomy tour. A[1] lternatively, catch evening vibes at the Queen’s House with Youth Take Over, a unique party created by young producers. And make time for the Moon Garden where you can bliss out amid magical blooms that only blossom at night. 

Moon Festival is the recipient of Arts Council England’s, National Lottery Heritage Fund and Royal Borough of Greenwich funds and is part of Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Festivals for summer 2019 to raise the profile of Woolwich by delivering an arts and heritage led events programme.

The aim is to increase local residents’ pride and engagement in where they live, and to position Woolwich as a developing tourism destination.

Highlights include:

- Opening night Street Party and Lunar Market – plus surprise finale!
- Maverick Women and the Moon: a series of talks headlined by Margaret Atwood
- Moon-inspired cocktails in a mixology masterclass
- Closing party at the Cutty Sark with live bands and stargazing


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