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Parking at Charlton House

A new car parking policy is being introduced at Charlton House in an effort to deal with recent high levels of anti-social behaviour, prevent non-users from taking advantage of a facility and benefit that is intended for our visitors and patrons, and generate a much needed additional revenue stream to support and assist Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust with the management and maintenance of the house, its surrounding grounds and gardens.

The new pay and display parking procedure which will come into effect the morning of Monday 7th January 2019, and will operate as follows:

- £1.00 per hour parking charge between the hours of 8am and 9pm

- An entrance barrier will be down and locked between 9pm and 8am to limit vehicle access to the car park, surrounding grounds and gardens after hours 

- All visitors and patrons will be able to take advantage of a 10% discount on any purchases made at Charlton House tea rooms when presenting a pay and display ticket

Current car parking will remain free until the new year, and additional free car parking for Charlton Park can be found near to the children's play area, entrance on Charlton Park Road.

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