Visit > Woolwich History Walks

  • Start the trail at the 'Assembly' by Peter Burke
  • Be impressed by the Royal Artillery Barracks
  • Spot all the cannons in Royal Arsenal
  • See the King's Troops
  • Step inside Woolwich Town Hall

The Royal Arsenal and Woolwich is imbued with history, much of which is linked with the British military. The former was responsible for the vast majority of developing, testing and processing weapons of war for the British Army and Navy for over 300 years, employing over 80,000 in its peak and making it one of the most significant manufacturing sites in the UK. Until recently, much of what went on inside the walls of the Royal Arsenal was kept secret. Today, as a result of its decommission in the 1990s and subsequent revival and redevelopment, much of it is open for the public to experience and explore. These military roots have extended through Woolwich, the remnants of which are still present today. Follow our trails and discover history.


Adults Trail
Download the printed guide and follow the trail to discover more of Woolwich's fascinating history with key highlights marked. 

Kids Trail
Download the printed guide and follow the trail to find out the answers to all the questions within it.