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Dial Arch

Brass cannons from the nearby Foundry were brought through this archway for turning, washing and engraving

This impressive arch lead to a large quadrangular compound, built in 1720, with workshops and gun-carriage storehouses for both sea and land service. The central arch is flanked by battered pylons topped with pyramids of shot. Originally, this would have been visitors’ first view on arrival to the site. Its aim was to astound. The original sun dial was added in 1764 to regulate work.

Dial Square Football Team

Arsenal Football Club originated in the Royal Arsenal. A group of engineers working in the Dial Square formed the Dial Square Football Club in 1886. They changed their name to the Royal Arsenal in 1888 and adopted the name Woolwich Arsenal when they became professional in 1891. In 1913, the team moved to Highbury and settled on the name Arsenal.