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Follow the walks by downloading the trail guides here, one for adults and one for kids.

  • Start at 'Assembly' by Peter Burke
  • See the stunning view up No 1 Street
  • Follow a trail and discover more to Woolwich
  • Commemorate Woolwich military people
  • Be amazed by the longest Georgian facade in Europe

There are two walks you can follow to discover more about Woolwich and it's history.

Royal Arsenal Walk

The Royal Arsenal Walk highlights a selection of the most impressive foundries, factories and warehouses in the compound, that were integral to the production of British weapons. 

Wider Woolwich Walk

The Wider Woolwich Walk explores the historical and present military services in the area, as well as offering a glimpse of life in Woolwich today. There are two additional loops you can add on to your walk to go past the Barracks and either see the Rotunda or see Mallet's Mortar.


Adults Trail
Download the printed guide and follow the trail to discover more of Woolwich's fascinating history with key highlights marked.

Kids Trail
Download the printed guide and follow the trail to find out the answers to all the questions within it.